“For years, I suffered from excessively red eyes. I finally got tired of looking like I was on drugs , and met with Tina. She gave me a thorough examination and made several recommendations, which have helped my eyes clear up tremendously. It is always a pleasure to visit Tina’s office, and she does an outstanding job of making sure I understand everything before I leave.”
– Eric

“Dr. Reeves is a very professional, friendly and efficient doctor. She made my visit to see the eye doctor something to look forward to (no pun intended). In hind sight, I should of went to Dr. Reeves instead of going to the run-of-the-mall operations. My perception of these doctors vs. the care that Dr. Reeves offer was quite the eye opener. I hope you find the treatment and care given by Dr. Reeves to be a pleasant experience.”
– Dave

“Dr. Reeves was very receptive to my wants and needs. I have had a number of eye care providers and each of them has pushed me in the direction of their choice, and not mine. It was refreshing to have someone listen to what *I* want. Tina also has the drops to reverse the drops! I never knew they existed!”
– Christa M.

“Thank you very much for such a thorough eye exam and for the reassurance that I’m not losing my eyesight… or my mind! After spending last year with so many headaches and such difficulty seeing as well as I need to, I’m really looking forward to the new glasses, feeling better, and catching up on a lot of reading. The sneak preview of the new prescription gives me a great feeling that this year will be better. I’ve put your suggestions to work, and really expect to stick to them! The information package is very helpful (it seems customized to all of my concerns), and I’ve learned quite a few new things. And I’ll surely be a more confident consumer at the optician’s. Your informative and gracious manner was just what I needed…”
– Anne

“Dr. Reeves really takes the time to explain everything to you, and actually cares about making sure you see the best you can. She even works around my busy schedule. I have never been excited about going to an eye doctor before, but I am so happy at the prospect of being able to see…clearly!”
– Julie


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